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Fado Museum - Permanet Exibition


Fado Museum - Permanet Exibition
The Fado Museum permanent exhibit is a tribute to Fado and its promoters, promoting its history since nineteenth century Lisbon. 
Throughout the exhibit, visitors are invited to discover the history of Fado, from its origins in the nineteenth century up to present, the main means that urban song used to get media coverage: theatre, radio, cinema and television – the technical and historical evolution of the Portuguese guitar, Fado Houses’ environment, as well as the biographic and artistic portrait of hundreds of Fado personalities. 
Besides documenting the biography of artists that wrote, and are still writing Fado’s history, the exhibit also reflects the relationship between the Portuguese society and Fado, through an important collection of fine arts’ works. 
In this exhibit, visitors may admire the emblematic work entitled “O Fado”, by José Malhoa (1910), temporarily ceded by Museu da Cidade, “O Marinheiro” triptych, by Constantino Fernandes (1913), ceded by Museu do Chiado/IMC or “O Mais Português dos Quadros a Óleo”, by João Vieira (2005), apart from numerous other testimonials from the universe of Fado: music instruments, specialized newspapers and magazines, music scores, trophies, garments, etc.