Meet Lisbon 06 Dec 2023

Estufa Fria de Lisboa


Estufa Fria de Lisboa

The mission of the Estufa Fria de Lisboa is to become a leisure and cultural space of tourist interest and a privileged educational resource in the city of Lisbon for promoting the value of plants, with a view to adopting behaviours that promote the conservation of biodiversity, as part of a sustainability strategy.

Its geographical location - tucked into the slope of Parque Eduardo VII and facing south - combined with Lisbon's mild climate, provides very favourable conditions for plants to thrive.

This lush garden, hidden away in an old quarry in the centre of Lisbon, has three different environments: cold greenhouse, hot greenhouse and sweet greenhouse. Here we are invited to get to know more than 300 species from the various continents.

Of particular note are the various camellia cultivars, including some bred in national nurseries. We can also find the Ceratozamia mexicana, whose population is decreasing worldwide, and the Echinocactus grusonii, which is considered to be in danger of extinction. There are also several cultivars of azaleas, including Rhododendron mucronatum x R. indicum x R.simsii, which we don't know exists in any other green space.

On the paths that weave through the space, we are accompanied by the sound of water lines and waterfalls that end in lakes.
As if sown, we find various pieces of statuary, including "Vento Garroa" by Domingos Soares Branco, "Nu de mulher" by Anjos Teixeira (Filho) and "Menina calçando a meia" by Leopoldo de Almeida.

The Interpretive Centre, inaugurated in 2016, hosts exhibitions and activities on botany and the city's green structure.

There is a booklet/route in Portuguese, which, in a playful and autonomous way, mediates the visit to the Lisbon Cold Greenhouse - "A EFL pelos nossos pés" (The EFL through our feet).

A bilingual presentation leaflet (Portuguese and English) is also available.