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Casa Fernando Pessoa


Casa Fernando Pessoa

Casa Fernando Pessoa conserves, preserves and publicises the legacy of Fernando Pessoa, whose collection of documents has been classified as a National Treasure.

Home to two libraries - a public library specialising in Fernando Pessoa and world poetry and the Private Library of Fernando Pessoa - the House also houses and displays objects, furniture and documents by the writer, as well as a collection of works of art by artists from different generations and currents.

The books that belonged to Fernando Pessoa are the largest collection. It provides an insight into the writer's creative universe, revealing his reading side.

Casa Fernando Pessoa is open to the community and to collaboration with partners, and seek to bring literature and poetry closer to different audiences.

Indoors or outdoors, from the city where the writer was born, they work to arouse curiosity and invite people to discover Fernando Pessoa, poetry, literature - and its creative effects.